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    Why is it in Arabian countries the street lights are almost pale white?
    Street lights in the UK and northern European countries are a yellowy-orangey colour, yet in places like Cyprus, Rhodes, Iraq, Jordan, Oman etc… The lights are almost pale white. Why is this? Also it’s not just street lights, other types of outdoor lights are white too.
    Abood a – Sarcasm about it being a good question haha?
    G. #2 – I know Rhodes and Cyprus are not in Arabia, but I was moving from Northern Europe to further south, explaining that they also have lights like it.

    • ANSWER:
      The Arab countries you mentioned have wealthy governments (mainly oil money)…which is new money. Most of their infrastructure is new, so they have newer fixtures. They are also probably using a different bulb, either Xenon bulbs or tinted extremely bright halogen or tungsten bulbs, all of which are more expensive. The Euro countries have had all of their infrastructure for a while now so I’m sure one day when their governments aren’t bailing each other out, they will also make the switch.
    What colour are your outdoor Christmas lights?
    Ah–a seasonal question! My outdoor house lights are red, and I have white lights on the tree in my front yard. What about you?

    • ANSWER:
      all white.
    Where can I find lights for outdoor trees?
    I am looking for something called “Fairy Lights” for outdoor use. Technically, they are outdoor christmas lights, but they are made for year round use. I have seen these used in commercial areas and shopping centers to light their trees year round.

    I have tried searching different Christmas websites, but all I can find is lights with white or green cords, and I need something with Brown cords.

    Does anyone know where to find these?

    • ANSWER:
      go to any garden/patio center
    White indoor and outdoor LED Lights?
    I have indoor and outdoor LED lights from Argos that I havent used. Since they are designed for outdoors as well as indoors I was wondering if I could use these for my 3 gall fish tank. I dont mean I’m going to submerge them in the water but if I was to decorate the inside of the lid with these, would it damage the lights, electrocute my fish or me?


    • ANSWER:
      Never put any electrical item that is not designed for it near water it is dangerous
    How do I know what voltage outdoor lights to get?
    I have 5 outdoor lights in my front yard that are on a timer, and the transformer is in the garage. These lights are (I believe) not low-voltage.. I use 25 watt bulbs in them. There is a thick black and white insulated wires running to each light. I need them replaced. I am not 100% certain what type of lights to get. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Pete, you got me confused. You say that you think they are not low voltage but you also say there is a transformer in the garage. If there is a tranformer, check that to see if it is 12 or 24V. also see if there is a wattage rating on the transformer somewhere. You should only go 70-75% of load. The type of bulb will depend on your fixture. Some take a standard screw in type. some are bi-pins and then there are the MR types that project light.Any more help can be had by e-mailing me.

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