Solar Led Lighting

    Who thinks LED and Solar lights give quality lighting?
    I’ve been installing landscape lighting for almost 20 years and can’t uderstand why people see value in LED & Solar lights. It’s like the electric car – great in theory but proformance leaves alot to be desired. Fireflies in a jar, Fireflies in a jar.

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on your need for landscape lighting.
      I find MOST bright landscape lighting unnecessary & garish. I find the soft subtle solar lights are perfect for most garden uses.
      Remeber it is a garden – not the Las Vegas strip!!!
    solar LED home lighting?
    pls advise if anyone has installed solar LED home lighting. how much did u pay for 3 LED lights for a backup of 3-4 hrs/day. ideally the solar panel should be 12v/37wp and the battery around 40ah. is it reliable.

    • ANSWER:
      there are lot of govt. approved solar light/ pannel dealers in your city, see telephone directory and contact them, they will help you for home lighting of your requirement and cost. they will also help you in arranging loan of minimal interest from govt. agencies for this purpose.
    Good sources for DIY solar LED landscape lighting?
    I’d like to wire LED lighting to put under a lip at the top of my new retaining wall. A lot of the actual landscape light fixtures I’ve found are big/fancy/expensive. I’d like to wire something that will be solar powered and have the effect of strip lights–either by buying inexpensive waterproof LED strips and connecting them to solar power, or by going one step deeper and wiring individual LEDs to suit along the edge. I’ve found for some parts, but does anyone know of a good resource for instructions on assembling this type of thing?

    • ANSWER:
      there is a solar rope light on the market now, Menard’s , Carry’s them or do a search on solar rope lights,
    Walkway lights – LED but NOT SOLAR? Is there such thing?
    I am looking for walkway lights for my house that use the LED bulbs, but that plug in (electrical outlet). I do not want solar. Any one ever seen them? I can only find Solar LED light kits. THANKS!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there-don’t know where you live, but if the latitude is similar to mine at least half the year a working person never sees their landscape in daylight. Lighting is a powerful addition and well worth an investment. Low voltage is the only way to go…sorry. Anything else will become landscape trash.

      A few years ago a new law came into being where landscapers, homeowners can not set up the transformers for low voltage. A licensed electrician must be employed. There was some loop hole that homeowners could install low voltage with a ‘package lighting’ deal…I’m not too clear on that but my advice and I am very, very serious is to hire a pro.

      Lighting is powerful…done by an expert. A hard and fast rule in ANY lighting scheme is to not see any sources of light or bright blinding hot spots looking at a bulb causes. Money is wasted in purchasing fancy light fixtures. Read these words again! Money is wasted purchasing fancy light fixtures. You DON’T want to see light fixtures. Path lighting in particular…those flying saucers that light paths do nothing but get you to the house or car and are so much fun to knock over with mowing or maintenance or by a guest blinded by bright bulbs. The worst offender of all are ‘security lights’…the bright lights blind homeowners, guests but a bad guy can stand just outside the swath of light and be perfectly invisible.

      Here is the crux of professional lighting; One should not see the source of light but the object that has been lit. Spot lights in black, up-lighting a perfectly pruned multi-stemmed small tree is breath-taking. So too are lit boulders, grasses, sculptures. The object whether a tree, grasses, boulders, swath of gravel BECOME THE LIGHT FIXTURES….The landscape takes on a totally different manifestation. Curtains will remain open to be able to view the landscape…did I mention lighting waterfeatures???

      Important to understand is ‘ambient light’. That is the light that the tree, boulder, sculpture, shrubbery lit with low voltage spot lights SHEDS. In other words when you shine the spot light at a boulder alongside a path that boulder in turn sheds plenty of light with which to transverse safely a path.

      If professionally installed, low-voltage lighting increases security by not blinding owners, thus not hiding bad guys/gals? Another security feature is CRUSHED ROCK or gravel…preferably 3/8 minus or crushed granite which is even finer. No one can sneak up or run away soundlessly!

      Clients of mine that have tried a small set of low-voltage lighting (usually including a lifetime warranty transformer able to take on even more lights) ALWAYS have called back to ask for double or triple the lights.

      Unfortunately, I’ve never seen an ad for lights that can do justice to the impact of low-voltage, professionally installed lights.

      It may seem a bit expensive at first but I promise you you will be glad you spent the money…and I think your insurance insists on licensed electricians. If you ever get the chance to see a friend’s landscape with professionally installed lights (the best are those with zero hot spots!) you will gladly increase your budget especially if you’ve had a landscape installed by professionals!

      Solar, LED or Homeowner Building Material outlets just don’t have enough power to provide a ‘night’ landscape. You won’t get an accurate idea or even a semblance of the impact proper lighting can give…Professional lighting and a professional landscape have been found (Money Magazine) to increase the value of your home more than installing a new kitchen or an extra bathroom.

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