Solar Garden Products

    anyone would like to buy solar power products?
    there is a large vary of products (street lights, garden lights, solar panels, etc)
    we are an international company so tell us what do you exactly want and your address

    • ANSWER:
      yes what country do you live in or sell to , packages do you have , prices , do you offer completely off grid or supplement building still shopping
    how many volts does a malibu solar garden light produce on a typical day?
    i would like to know how many volts a malibu solar garden light or a standard solar garden light produces. below is a link for malibu solar garden light.what is the typical amperage

    • ANSWER:
      I’m pretty sure that this is the same light, only shown with a removable top cap As it says on the Home Depot site, the light uses 12V and is 4W.So, that means there’s 1/3A going through these guys.

      Hope this helps!

    which are the best lights for a garden path/steps?
    I have changed the layout of a terraced cottage garden and added wide sloping steps (timber tread & gravel)
    there are three sets of steps form the top, through the middle terrace and to the lowest level. I would like to add solar path lights alongside the steps, and I am wrecked by indecision, the pebble/rock shaped ones only worried they will look odd in a cottage garden.
    I have only seen ‘images’ of both samples, so it is difficult to decide. Please help!
    @decant fode, thanks, but question above is about ‘style’

    • ANSWER:
      White or yellow are the best to use in garden.
      It looks fresh and natural ;)
    I need to now the target audience for solar lights and solar powered decorations.?
    I am using the pay-per-click advertising method for my website and I want to get the most of my money and target only specific customers. This is why I want to know what kind of persons (age, gender, location) do you think would be interested in solar garden lights and solar decorations. If it helps, look at my website at to see the products that I am selling.

    • ANSWER:
      As for age, I would guess middle aged and gen xers are most concerned about eco things. Middle aged have more money, I would think.For area, I would think the west coast is the greenest (environmentally correct) and has money. I would guess areas with sun too, although here in cloudy Portland OR solar works fine, but only 50% or so of Southern Cal.

      Gender, I would guess women although in my family my husband is the light and garden boss.

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