Outdoor Deck Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting and Music in the City?
    I have a house in a major US City with a 3rd-floor outdoor deck that also allows access to the roof. These areas provide my only outdoor areas and excellent views of the city skyline, and thus are ideal for entertaining. The deck is small (about 10′ x10′), has an outdoor light, and has one outlet. The roof has no electrical outlets or lighting. I am trying to find ways, preferably permanent, to light and provide music to these spaces. Also I am a college student on a very tight budget so the cheaper the better. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Dude,Buy a whole bunch (bags) of these little white candles. Each is round, has it’s own aluminum base. We do this with our terrace…you can line then along edges of the balconey, ledges etc. Very Euro trendy and cheap. As for music…just get a smal techno “bro box”. You don’t need to blast loudly .
    Christmas lights for deck lighting?
    We have a wood deck and pergola. I’ve seen others use white Christmans lights as outdoor lighting for decks, etc. I was going to string them over the pergola to provide soft light at night. Any suggestions about using these rope-type Christmas lights?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a blue rope light on my deck, it is better than white,
      softer light,
      you can get them in different lengths,
      and also now there are solar rope lights on the market,
    I am having problems with my outdoor decking lights. The lights keep tripping when I switch them on?
    The decking lights (2 sets – low voltage with transformers) are connected to an outdoor strip socket in weatherproofing box. There is approx. 6 metres of cable from the strip socket to the socket indoors. The lights continue to trip each time I switch them on. However, if I plug the transformers into an extension plug they work no problem. Unfortunately, this is too bulky for the weatherproofing box. Could this be a problem with the strip socket or the 6 metre wiring??

    • ANSWER:
      If they are hooked to a GFI circuit it has a ground problem in the wire or the outlet.
    How do I fix wood filler used on outdoor deck and stained?
    I have a 10+ year old deck of 2×6 treated pine, stained with Flood UVF-CW light/clear cedar tint. I stripped it this year to restain it, and decided to fill in a few low spots/holes with stainable outdoor wood filler. Big mistake. After staining, the wood filler stands out like a bright sore thumb – it is significantly lighter than the boards. Any recommendations other than stripping, pulling this stuff out, and going without the repairs? Will it eventually weather?

    • ANSWER:
      Most wood fillers need to be stained to the sought after color before application. But that time has gone by so you might give it a very light sanding to take the sealer off, dust it and tint it again with stain or shoe polish, like Kiwi paste polish then after drying lightly rub off some of the gloss and feather on some of the overall sealer. It is better to do it one light layer at a time.
    Any ideas for outdoor lighting?
    I have a great patio/deck and no light gets to it at night. There is no access to an outlet. My apartment is rental so I can’t screw anything into the building. Plus- the outside of the building is brick. I was looking for battery operate lighting- but not string lights. I was also looking for something a little more “stylish” than the tap lights.

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