Solar Landscape Lights FAQ

Solar landscape lighting installation is surprisingly simple. In addition, outdoor solar lights are quite versatile for a variety of locations and uses. So why doesn’t your landscape light turn on? Check this solar landscape lights FAQ for answers.

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor Pathway Decorations
Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor Pathway Decorations

Q: What types of solar landscape lights are best for my walkway?
A: Opt for low fixtures that are close to the ground and also focus their lighting downward. Taller solar lighting options provide illumination to a wider area but fail to cast adequate shine onto the stepping stones, paving or grass. A combination of tall and low fixtures is the perfect mix for illuminating the garden and also offering a safe path to traverse.

Q: Is installation difficult?
A: Installing solar lights is easy. Outdoor Lighting quips that it takes “about 20 seconds” to add this type of illumination to the yard. Since there is no messy or confusing wiring schematic to keep track of, it makes sense that this is one of the easiest methods of adding lamps or torches to the home’s exterior.

Q: Will my solar LED landscape lighting work in problem areas?
A: The back of the yard, the corner around the shed and that skinny side yard between the house and fence are traditionally problem areas for landscape lighting. Standalone outdoor solar lights are ideal for these locales, if they receive sufficient sun exposure during the day.

For example, one reason why nothing grows between the house and the neighbor’s fence is usually directly related to a lack of sunlight; the same holds true for the gigantic magnolia in the corner that robs all vegetation of sun. If the photocells cannot get enough sunlight to convert into energy, they will not work properly.

Q: Why does my automatic landscape light fail to turn on?
A: Did you override the operation of the outdoor solar lights by moving the switch to off? Automatic solar landscape lights are great for walkways but can be annoying outside of bedroom windows; check to may sure the fixture is set to “auto on.”

Take a look around the fixture as well; if it is situated in the path of the neighbor’s powerful outdoor lighting, there is a good chance that your lights do not recognize that is has gotten dark. Your lights may not come on until the neighbor decides to go dark.

Q: Is solar LED landscape lighting always a good idea?
A: Not necessarily. Remember that this kind of landscape light relies on sunshine to charge its batteries. In the case of a number of overcast days, its ability to shine brightly night after night is compromised. Security lights should still be wired (or plugged) into the home’s electrical system.