Solar Garden Products

    anyone would like to buy solar power products?
    there is a large vary of products (street lights, garden lights, solar panels, etc)
    we are an international company so tell us what do you exactly want and your address

    • ANSWER:
      yes what country do you live in or sell to , packages do you have , prices , do you offer completely off grid or supplement building still shopping
    how many volts does a malibu solar garden light produce on a typical day?
    i would like to know how many volts a malibu solar garden light or a standard solar garden light produces. below is a link for malibu solar garden light.what is the typical amperage

    • ANSWER:
      I’m pretty sure that this is the same light, only shown with a removable top cap As it says on the Home Depot site, the light uses 12V and is 4W.So, that means there’s 1/3A going through these guys.

      Hope this helps!

    which are the best lights for a garden path/steps?
    I have changed the layout of a terraced cottage garden and added wide sloping steps (timber tread & gravel)
    there are three sets of steps form the top, through the middle terrace and to the lowest level. I would like to add solar path lights alongside the steps, and I am wrecked by indecision, the pebble/rock shaped ones only worried they will look odd in a cottage garden.
    I have only seen ‘images’ of both samples, so it is difficult to decide. Please help!
    @decant fode, thanks, but question above is about ‘style’

    • ANSWER:
      White or yellow are the best to use in garden.
      It looks fresh and natural ;)
    I need to now the target audience for solar lights and solar powered decorations.?
    I am using the pay-per-click advertising method for my website and I want to get the most of my money and target only specific customers. This is why I want to know what kind of persons (age, gender, location) do you think would be interested in solar garden lights and solar decorations. If it helps, look at my website at to see the products that I am selling.

    • ANSWER:
      As for age, I would guess middle aged and gen xers are most concerned about eco things. Middle aged have more money, I would think.For area, I would think the west coast is the greenest (environmentally correct) and has money. I would guess areas with sun too, although here in cloudy Portland OR solar works fine, but only 50% or so of Southern Cal.

      Gender, I would guess women although in my family my husband is the light and garden boss.

Q&A about outdoor coloured lights

    What do green, red or combo of both color outdoor lights mean?
    Some houses in the neighborhood have done this in the last week or so. A friend on the opposite coast said they are doing it in her neighborhood too. I’m super curious!
    Some houses in the neighborhood have done this in the last week or so. A friend on the opposite coast said they are doing it in her neighborhood too. I’m super curious! Red-stop Green-go??? OOOOkkkkayyy – what if the house has both colors out? Then what does it mean? What is the real purpose behind doing this?

    • ANSWER:
      Red and Green are popular leftovers from Christmas colors.

      Green is symbolic of life (in America), as in the evergreen (Christmas) tree, which stays green throughout all seasons including winter. . But it’s not our primary symbolic color, ours are Red, White, and Blue.

      Red represents a few different things; the blood of life, ressurection of Christ (as in the flag and Christmas lights); the heart (as in Valentine’s heart), love.

      You can find a lot of history on the symbolism of the colors. Why Nations pick the colors they do for their flags and such.

    What’s nicer and cooler? Christmas color lights or Christmas color twinkling outdoor lights?
    my mom thinks twinkling lights are cooler.. i wanna prove her wrong.. which ones are cooler? and give your reason why… thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      I like the big colored traditional lights better and I won’t use anything else. The big lights are warm, but they are not hot and certainly not dangerous. Also, fewer of them will go further.
    How do I make my outdoor lights emit red without changing the bulb?
    In my film class, our professor mentioned some type of fiberglass gels that you use to change the color of the light. However, I don’t think I heard him correctly and now someone wants to put it over their outdoor lights to make them red for the holidays. I’m pretty sure I have the correct material (the woven fiberglass) in mind, but I just want to make certain. if this is the incorrect material, what else can I use to put over my lights as a gel to make the light reds.

    • ANSWER:
      yeah ur right its the woven fiberglass
      i also did this for the holidays
    what color outdoor lights do you think i should use for back to school?
    i have 4 outdoor lights, and have yellow bulbs in them now.

    • ANSWER:
      well ya know we like red, does that have some kind of stigma? i was thinking about adding more in honor of ‘bike week’ coming up.
    What color should my outdoor lights/sconces be?
    My house has siding that is called “clay”. I’d say it’s more tan than gray. Garage doors and walk-in door is white, window trim is white, shingles are brown. I’m trying to decide between white, dark brown, or paint-to match-the siding sconces. What do you suggest?

    • ANSWER:
      Go for incandescent lighting enclosed in a white sconce. White is classic and does an nice contrast against dark backgrounds. The incandescent lights highlight not only the house but add contrast to the over landscape design.

Outdoor Coloured Lights

Christmas time is here again and decors that were kept in the attic or other storage areas are brought down once more for the yuletide season.

Put up and decorate your Christmas tree, hang those stockings and clear a space for your advent wreath and candles. Some items may need replacement such as dusty, old and dated decor and non working Christmas lights. Buy new Christmas lights to light up your place of residence or work.

Buying them from physical stores as department stores and hardware shops may take longer than it would to log on and conveniently get them online, right in the safety and comfort of your room. Search for Christmas lights to be directed to sites offering them. Choose from single light coloured units, multi-coloured light units, steady lights, blinking lights, dancing lights and many other Christmas light types.

Consider the areas you will be hanging them. Get help to ensure that your Christmas lights are properly and professionally installed. Some decor ideas are provided below for inspiration:

Hang Christmas Lights in your Home. You can have Christmas lights put up in many parts of your home. Beyond their usual place around the Christmas tree, these lights may be used for and in other ornamental ways as outlining furniture (e.g. display cases) and used together with other Christmas decor as wreaths. You can have them as decoration for the living room, dining room, kitchen, patio, garden and your backyard.

Hang Christmas Lights within Work Premises. Have those Christmas lights up at your reception area, lining trophy cabinets, looped around surrounding trees, etc. They provide colourful and bright decorative beauty to otherwise stark, grey or pale coloured walls. You can have these Christmas lights put up in specific room or areas as your conference room, cafeteria and working cubicle walls.

Hang Christmas Lights in your Country Club. There are many areas at your club to install those colourful Christmas lights in. They may be utilized to decorate a centrepiece decor as Santa and his reindeers or a traditional Christmas tree. You may also use them to outline cove lighting areas, counters and the like. Outside, you may utilize them to light pathways, fences and trees.

Hang Christmas Lights in Your Association’s Office. If you are intending to have a nativity scene set up complete with an angel over it, you can have those Christmas lights up and around this, creating a ray of light from the angel to the holy family below. You can also outline the room’s perimeter (cornices) to be thematically appropriate during the Holiday season.

Hang Christmas Lights during Your Party or Christmas Event. Have those Christmas lights installed for the Christmas party you are organizing. Some areas where these lights would help create a festive look include having them around the venue in semi circle curtain formation. You may also use them as part of your stage decor, lining the backdrop and outlining the square shape of the stage floor. The reception table and food tables may also be lined with Christmas lights to be in theme.

Get into the festive spirit. Get those Christmas lights installed so you and others can enjoy and join in the merry making this Holiday season.

White Outdoor Lights


    Why is it in Arabian countries the street lights are almost pale white?
    Street lights in the UK and northern European countries are a yellowy-orangey colour, yet in places like Cyprus, Rhodes, Iraq, Jordan, Oman etc… The lights are almost pale white. Why is this? Also it’s not just street lights, other types of outdoor lights are white too.
    Abood a – Sarcasm about it being a good question haha?
    G. #2 – I know Rhodes and Cyprus are not in Arabia, but I was moving from Northern Europe to further south, explaining that they also have lights like it.

    • ANSWER:
      The Arab countries you mentioned have wealthy governments (mainly oil money)…which is new money. Most of their infrastructure is new, so they have newer fixtures. They are also probably using a different bulb, either Xenon bulbs or tinted extremely bright halogen or tungsten bulbs, all of which are more expensive. The Euro countries have had all of their infrastructure for a while now so I’m sure one day when their governments aren’t bailing each other out, they will also make the switch.
    What colour are your outdoor Christmas lights?
    Ah–a seasonal question! My outdoor house lights are red, and I have white lights on the tree in my front yard. What about you?

    • ANSWER:
      all white.
    Where can I find lights for outdoor trees?
    I am looking for something called “Fairy Lights” for outdoor use. Technically, they are outdoor christmas lights, but they are made for year round use. I have seen these used in commercial areas and shopping centers to light their trees year round.

    I have tried searching different Christmas websites, but all I can find is lights with white or green cords, and I need something with Brown cords.

    Does anyone know where to find these?

    • ANSWER:
      go to any garden/patio center
    White indoor and outdoor LED Lights?
    I have indoor and outdoor LED lights from Argos that I havent used. Since they are designed for outdoors as well as indoors I was wondering if I could use these for my 3 gall fish tank. I dont mean I’m going to submerge them in the water but if I was to decorate the inside of the lid with these, would it damage the lights, electrocute my fish or me?


    • ANSWER:
      Never put any electrical item that is not designed for it near water it is dangerous
    How do I know what voltage outdoor lights to get?
    I have 5 outdoor lights in my front yard that are on a timer, and the transformer is in the garage. These lights are (I believe) not low-voltage.. I use 25 watt bulbs in them. There is a thick black and white insulated wires running to each light. I need them replaced. I am not 100% certain what type of lights to get. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Pete, you got me confused. You say that you think they are not low voltage but you also say there is a transformer in the garage. If there is a tranformer, check that to see if it is 12 or 24V. also see if there is a wattage rating on the transformer somewhere. You should only go 70-75% of load. The type of bulb will depend on your fixture. Some take a standard screw in type. some are bi-pins and then there are the MR types that project light.Any more help can be had by e-mailing me.

Outside Porch Lights


    How do I convert a porch light into an outlet so I can put up xmas lights outside?
    I read that there is a product I can buy that allows you to convert a porch light fixture into an outlet. I guess you screw it in like a light bulb. You can then both plug things into it and still screw in a light bulb.

    What is the brand name of this product? How does it work exactly? How much does it cost? And do I find it at a hardware store?

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn’t do that. I don’t know what country you are in, but there are specific wiring rules for lights compared to outlets. It could be a safety risk or possibly void your insurance if something goes wrong. You are better off getting a safety oulet box and extension leads for your xmas lights.
    Is the landlord responsible for replacing outside porch lights on a fourplex?
    My daughter lives in a fourplex and the outside porch lights both back and front went out. I bought all of them for her and they cost me .00 because they are all flood lights. The back porch ones are made for outdoor uncovered and the front porch is covered. I don’t mind helping my daughter out. She called and I called her landlord to ask if they would replace them and we were told we had to do that and my daughter is worried about getting evicted if she complains or makes them replace such things because of the no cause law in Oregon.

    • ANSWER:
      Landlords are not responsible for burned out light bulbs
    How can I put christmas lights outside when I don’t have a plug outside?
    I also have big windows and so can’t use an extension code! (anybody can get in)

    i have not porch lights outside…..

    sorry ikno this is a dumb question!Please suggest some ways!

    • ANSWER:
      Hire an electrician to put a plug outside!!
    Is outside/porch lighting required on apartments in Texas? Where can I find this information?
    I’m trying to find out if porch lighting is required by law on rental properties in Texas. There is absolutely no lighting from the parking area to the entryway doors and it’s DARK!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, they are required for emergency purposes, you can get an easy to fit, no wires required, solar light next to any door, if you have plenty of natural sunlight there. If not perhaps the owner will install a low voltage flood light for you. It is also a good idea for you to have some lighting at access points as it makes you feel more secure. It is a fact that intruders do not like well lit spaces so much as the dark ones. Try that angle with the property owner!!
    About a year ago our light switch to our outside porch light popped and now it doesn’t work.?
    When you try to flip it on it will not go up it goes back to the off position. How can I resolve this issue? Do I need to replace the switch?

    • ANSWER:
      Identify the breaker and replace the switch, this is a very cheap item.

Outdoor Deck Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting and Music in the City?
    I have a house in a major US City with a 3rd-floor outdoor deck that also allows access to the roof. These areas provide my only outdoor areas and excellent views of the city skyline, and thus are ideal for entertaining. The deck is small (about 10′ x10′), has an outdoor light, and has one outlet. The roof has no electrical outlets or lighting. I am trying to find ways, preferably permanent, to light and provide music to these spaces. Also I am a college student on a very tight budget so the cheaper the better. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Dude,Buy a whole bunch (bags) of these little white candles. Each is round, has it’s own aluminum base. We do this with our terrace…you can line then along edges of the balconey, ledges etc. Very Euro trendy and cheap. As for music…just get a smal techno “bro box”. You don’t need to blast loudly .
    Christmas lights for deck lighting?
    We have a wood deck and pergola. I’ve seen others use white Christmans lights as outdoor lighting for decks, etc. I was going to string them over the pergola to provide soft light at night. Any suggestions about using these rope-type Christmas lights?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a blue rope light on my deck, it is better than white,
      softer light,
      you can get them in different lengths,
      and also now there are solar rope lights on the market,
    I am having problems with my outdoor decking lights. The lights keep tripping when I switch them on?
    The decking lights (2 sets – low voltage with transformers) are connected to an outdoor strip socket in weatherproofing box. There is approx. 6 metres of cable from the strip socket to the socket indoors. The lights continue to trip each time I switch them on. However, if I plug the transformers into an extension plug they work no problem. Unfortunately, this is too bulky for the weatherproofing box. Could this be a problem with the strip socket or the 6 metre wiring??

    • ANSWER:
      If they are hooked to a GFI circuit it has a ground problem in the wire or the outlet.
    How do I fix wood filler used on outdoor deck and stained?
    I have a 10+ year old deck of 2×6 treated pine, stained with Flood UVF-CW light/clear cedar tint. I stripped it this year to restain it, and decided to fill in a few low spots/holes with stainable outdoor wood filler. Big mistake. After staining, the wood filler stands out like a bright sore thumb – it is significantly lighter than the boards. Any recommendations other than stripping, pulling this stuff out, and going without the repairs? Will it eventually weather?

    • ANSWER:
      Most wood fillers need to be stained to the sought after color before application. But that time has gone by so you might give it a very light sanding to take the sealer off, dust it and tint it again with stain or shoe polish, like Kiwi paste polish then after drying lightly rub off some of the gloss and feather on some of the overall sealer. It is better to do it one light layer at a time.
    Any ideas for outdoor lighting?
    I have a great patio/deck and no light gets to it at night. There is no access to an outlet. My apartment is rental so I can’t screw anything into the building. Plus- the outside of the building is brick. I was looking for battery operate lighting- but not string lights. I was also looking for something a little more “stylish” than the tap lights.

Solar Led Lighting

    Who thinks LED and Solar lights give quality lighting?
    I’ve been installing landscape lighting for almost 20 years and can’t uderstand why people see value in LED & Solar lights. It’s like the electric car – great in theory but proformance leaves alot to be desired. Fireflies in a jar, Fireflies in a jar.

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on your need for landscape lighting.
      I find MOST bright landscape lighting unnecessary & garish. I find the soft subtle solar lights are perfect for most garden uses.
      Remeber it is a garden – not the Las Vegas strip!!!
    solar LED home lighting?
    pls advise if anyone has installed solar LED home lighting. how much did u pay for 3 LED lights for a backup of 3-4 hrs/day. ideally the solar panel should be 12v/37wp and the battery around 40ah. is it reliable.

    • ANSWER:
      there are lot of govt. approved solar light/ pannel dealers in your city, see telephone directory and contact them, they will help you for home lighting of your requirement and cost. they will also help you in arranging loan of minimal interest from govt. agencies for this purpose.
    Good sources for DIY solar LED landscape lighting?
    I’d like to wire LED lighting to put under a lip at the top of my new retaining wall. A lot of the actual landscape light fixtures I’ve found are big/fancy/expensive. I’d like to wire something that will be solar powered and have the effect of strip lights–either by buying inexpensive waterproof LED strips and connecting them to solar power, or by going one step deeper and wiring individual LEDs to suit along the edge. I’ve found for some parts, but does anyone know of a good resource for instructions on assembling this type of thing?

    • ANSWER:
      there is a solar rope light on the market now, Menard’s , Carry’s them or do a search on solar rope lights,
    Walkway lights – LED but NOT SOLAR? Is there such thing?
    I am looking for walkway lights for my house that use the LED bulbs, but that plug in (electrical outlet). I do not want solar. Any one ever seen them? I can only find Solar LED light kits. THANKS!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there-don’t know where you live, but if the latitude is similar to mine at least half the year a working person never sees their landscape in daylight. Lighting is a powerful addition and well worth an investment. Low voltage is the only way to go…sorry. Anything else will become landscape trash.

      A few years ago a new law came into being where landscapers, homeowners can not set up the transformers for low voltage. A licensed electrician must be employed. There was some loop hole that homeowners could install low voltage with a ‘package lighting’ deal…I’m not too clear on that but my advice and I am very, very serious is to hire a pro.

      Lighting is powerful…done by an expert. A hard and fast rule in ANY lighting scheme is to not see any sources of light or bright blinding hot spots looking at a bulb causes. Money is wasted in purchasing fancy light fixtures. Read these words again! Money is wasted purchasing fancy light fixtures. You DON’T want to see light fixtures. Path lighting in particular…those flying saucers that light paths do nothing but get you to the house or car and are so much fun to knock over with mowing or maintenance or by a guest blinded by bright bulbs. The worst offender of all are ‘security lights’…the bright lights blind homeowners, guests but a bad guy can stand just outside the swath of light and be perfectly invisible.

      Here is the crux of professional lighting; One should not see the source of light but the object that has been lit. Spot lights in black, up-lighting a perfectly pruned multi-stemmed small tree is breath-taking. So too are lit boulders, grasses, sculptures. The object whether a tree, grasses, boulders, swath of gravel BECOME THE LIGHT FIXTURES….The landscape takes on a totally different manifestation. Curtains will remain open to be able to view the landscape…did I mention lighting waterfeatures???

      Important to understand is ‘ambient light’. That is the light that the tree, boulder, sculpture, shrubbery lit with low voltage spot lights SHEDS. In other words when you shine the spot light at a boulder alongside a path that boulder in turn sheds plenty of light with which to transverse safely a path.

      If professionally installed, low-voltage lighting increases security by not blinding owners, thus not hiding bad guys/gals? Another security feature is CRUSHED ROCK or gravel…preferably 3/8 minus or crushed granite which is even finer. No one can sneak up or run away soundlessly!

      Clients of mine that have tried a small set of low-voltage lighting (usually including a lifetime warranty transformer able to take on even more lights) ALWAYS have called back to ask for double or triple the lights.

      Unfortunately, I’ve never seen an ad for lights that can do justice to the impact of low-voltage, professionally installed lights.

      It may seem a bit expensive at first but I promise you you will be glad you spent the money…and I think your insurance insists on licensed electricians. If you ever get the chance to see a friend’s landscape with professionally installed lights (the best are those with zero hot spots!) you will gladly increase your budget especially if you’ve had a landscape installed by professionals!

      Solar, LED or Homeowner Building Material outlets just don’t have enough power to provide a ‘night’ landscape. You won’t get an accurate idea or even a semblance of the impact proper lighting can give…Professional lighting and a professional landscape have been found (Money Magazine) to increase the value of your home more than installing a new kitchen or an extra bathroom.

Garden Solar Lamps

    Can my solar garden lamps be charged by my desk lamp or do they require sunlight?

    • ANSWER:
      Solar cells often respond to light other than the sun, however, the efficiency will be different as will the time it takes to charge the batteries. So, it should work, but not as well.

      Hope this helps,


    how do solar powered garden lamps work?
    We have just bought a pair of solar garden lamps ( yesterday) and have had them outside all day. It hasn’t been sunny but just cloudy. The lights haven’t come on.

    Just noticed that they have on/off switches. Are the switches just so that the lights work off the battery ? For the solar power to charge the lights do I need to have them on “off” ?

    Or will having it set to off mean that the solar power won’t work. Or do the lamps just need a few days of sunlight.

    So I guess my question is, do I leave the switch set at on or off. The lights are working now that I have turned the switch to on. But is this just the battery and not the solar power ?

    Confused :)

    • ANSWER:
      The little solar panel charges the battery during daylight, the brighter the sunlight and the longer the day the longer the light stays on at night. The on/off switch keeps the light off but the battery still charges. It’s usually recommended that when first placing the lights in use you keep the switch to off to allow a full charge initially.
    can rechargable battaries be put in to solar garden lamps?

    • ANSWER:
      I am surprised that the lamps themselves being solar powered don’t already have rechargable batteries. Being solar, that is the whole point.
    Solar powered garden lamps?
    Can they be fixed. When the little sun sucking thingies on the top stop absorbing can these be cleaned or should we cut the losses and make lanterns.

    • ANSWER:
      I think that making lanterns out of them is your best bet. (Thanks for the idea.) The panel replacements usually cost more than the lights. In the next couple of months, Target will end cap the solar lights. You can get them for a great savings.
    rechargable battery in garden lamps – can I replace with ordinary rechargeables or are these special?
    my solar lamps were dead so I have opened them and found two rechargeable AA batteries. On them it says Solar Lighting Power Pack 600 mAh, 1.2v. Quick charge 1.5h at 600mA, Standard charge 15 hours at 60mA. NiCad

    I suppose the inverse of this question is “can I recharge normal rechargeable batteries using the little solar panel on garden lamps?”, which would be the 15h at 60mA.

    • ANSWER:
      There won’t be a problem if you use batteries with the same chemistry (Ni-Cad). If you buy new batteries they will probably have a higher capacity and so will never get fully charged, this shortens the life of Ni-Cad batteries due to the “memory effect”.
      You could replace your Ni-Cad batteries with Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) to avoid or reduce this.

      If you live somewhere where you get 15 hours of bright sunlight, you will also be able to use the panels as a charger.

Solar Powered Lawn Lights

Does solar power stuff work when it’s cloudy?
It was raining most of today with some sun and when we came home our lawn decoration which is solar powered was on and now it’s not. It rained a lot and it’s very windy outside now. Can it be because it didn’t get enough light or can it be blown away? My mom won’t let me go out because she’s sleeping so yeah.

Lawn/patio lights, can’t figure out how they work?
I just bought a house and there are about 20-30 small lights, the little lamp type with hoods on top, lining the driveway and patio. Problem is, I can’t figure out how they work. There is no switch apparently, they all seem to be connected by a single wire. Funny thing is, late at night 2 of the lights switch on. It is possible that the rest of the bulbs are dead, but how are they being powered? No battery or solar panel can be found? Any idea how to find this out myself (please don’t suggest I bring a lighting person in, I am first trying to figure it out myself)? Thanks.

It’s either dead bulbs or a bad connection to the main wire.

Standard landscape lighting is powered by a transformer that steps down the 110 volt AC at an outlet to 12 volts. The transformer also usually includes a rotary timer that allows you to set when the lights come on and go off. The 12-volt wire that supplies the lamps is connected to terminals at the transformer and is run throughout the yard. Each lamp has a clip assembly of some kind (different actual mechanism for different manufacturers) that includes little barbs for piercing the insulator on the 12-volt wire for connecting the lamp to the wire.

Sometimes, these barbs develop a bit of corrosion and the electrical contact is broken. In this case, you can kind of jiggle the connector to try to remake the contact. Sometimes, you have to undo the connector and reconnect it at a different spot on the 12-volt wire.

Depending on how the installer connected additional 12-volt wires together, you might also have a bad splice connection. I always use wire nuts to connect the 12-volt wires together and wrap that up with electrical tape. However, this is not completely waterproof and may eventually corrode, breaking the connection.

To troubleshoot the system, take a known good bulb and, starting at the transformer, trace out the 12-volt wiring. Put the good bulb into each lamp in the system. When you get to a lamp that doesn’t work, check the lamp’s connection to the 12-volt wire. If this doesn’t make the lamp come on, trace back to look for a bad splice. If you find one, cut the wires and redo the splice. A voltmeter is also handy for determining if you have a break in the continuity somewhere along the line.

When you’re at the point where putting a good bulb in each lamp causes it to light up, count all the bad ones and go get some new ones. However, they must be the same wattage as the original bulbs.

The transformer only puts out so much power (in watts). Let’s say it puts out 110 watts. Assuming a safety factor of about 10%, that means you can hook up about 100 watts of load to it. The standard (incandescent) bulbs come in 4, 7, and 11-watts. So, you can safely run 25 4-watt bulbs, 14 7-watt bulbs, or 9 11-watt bulbs off of that transformer. If you exceed the loading of the transformer, it will overheat and eventually shut off (thermal protection). You might even damage it.

The wattage rating for the transformer should be shown on a sticker on the bottom of the transformer.

I got my father a set of solar powered lawn lights as a fathers day present and he just said I don’t want them and asked me to give him the cash I paid instead, I was kind of upset but I just gave him $60 and thought if that’s what he wants that’s best. But I really feel bad that he didn’t like my gift. So I kept them anyway and put them around the garden. He went out last night and said how nice it looked and when i woke up i seen he had put the money on my dresser. Now I’m stuck. i want him to have a gift he likes but he gave the money back, should i insist he takes it to buy a gift he likes or just keep it?

Dude, he changed his mind most likely. He didn’t know how well the garden prob would look with them. Seeing them look so good he decided he did really want them yet he didn’t want to again change his mind by telling you. Basically, he ended up liking them, and instead of going up to you again and saying he changed his mind, he put it on ur dresser. Don’t pressure the old man, give him a break most fathers do really feel awkward about getting gifts. Next time, seeing a movie or eating at a great place is good idea to.

Outside Lighting Options

Whether you live in the hustle and bustle of suburban, inner city life, or you prefer the quiet serenity of rural, country living, outside lighting will be an important part of your day to day life. There are many varieties of outdoor lighting available to consumers today, ranging from a single light bulbs used to light up a small patio or small yards, to large outdoor lighting options while are ideal for lighting up a more expansive back yard or patio area. Designs and styles will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, from art deco to simple lighting designs to fit your unique needs and your pocket book.

Exterior, wall mounted outdoor lamps can be a simple and effective fixture, mounted on the wall or railing of your patio, deck or home. Recessed outside lights that mount on your exterior ceilings or overhead coverings comes in many different materials and designs, such as metal, plastic, fiberglass and other composite materials. These outside lighting fixtures can be as decorative as you want them to be, or as simple as necessary for those customers that may be primarily looking for a more functional design.

Another popular style of outdoor accent lighting is ground lighting. With this design, light fixtures can be mounted either on a decorative post extending upward from the ground, or they can be mounted flush with your lawn, drive way or deck. Ground lighting can be powered by long lasting lithium battery power, or with underground electrical wiring for a more permanent power source. Additionally, there are fabulous options in solar garden lighting these days that utilize the power of the sun to provide outside lighting options for your outdoor areas.

Landscape lighting is another type of decorative and functional lighting available to consumers. Landscape lighting is most often used by people looking to enhance their yards with aesthetically pleasing fixtures that accent the unique features of their yard, deck or patio. This type of outside lighting can also be ground mounted, but post mounted and back lighting options are also in high demand.

Exterior track lighting and outdoor deck lighting are especially attractive to patio and deck owners, with track lighting giving the buyer the greatest flexibility in positioning and directing their light source. Outdoor deck lighting is a decorative post mounted fixture that can be mounted anywhere that the buyer pleases. Another option for outside lights that’s ideal for decks and patios can be suspension lighting. This style of lighting can be positioned above a certain area or areas in pre-determined intervals to give the maximum amount of light with the minimum number of fixtures required.

So visit your favorite lighting websites and stores to figure out the perfect outside lighting options for you and your outdoor spaces.